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  • To protect your family against disease-carrying pest such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, lizards etc.;
  • To protect your single biggest valued asset ie. your home from expensive damages due to attacks by termites, wood-borers etc.;
  • To protect the rights of paying customers to a pest-free and healthy shopping, entertainment or dining experience especially in shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinemas, restaurants etc. ;
  • Due to requirement by authorities eg. Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia for all food manufacturing premises, MPSJ / MPSp requirement for all food & entertainment outlets requiring business licenses .
  • To create a healthy and pest-free environment at home, work & public places.


All Pest Control Operators are the SAME.
Not all are the same. Most Operators ( approximately 80% in 2006 ) are unlicensed ie. do not possess the necessary licenses from the Malaysian Pesticide Board.


  • We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee for our Product & Services
  • We Guarantee Effectiveness of our Treatment & Services
  • Over 1000 Clients LOVES Us
  • Proven Track Record with Large Scale Operations with Universities, Shopping Complexes, Municipalities ( DBKL, MPAJ, MBSA, MBPJ, MPSJ, MPSp etc.), State Government and other Agencies.
  • Unbeatable Low Bulk Rates
  • Fantastic Discount Offers & Referral Packages
  • We offer Multiple Choices of Products, Franchises and Services not available from other Operators
  • We are fully licensed by the Malaysian Pesticide Board
  • Panel Operator to Local Municipalities and registered with Ministry of Finance Malaysia
  • As a reliable pest control provider we have unlimited combined resources of experienced and qualified operators to offer fast, effective and efficient services
  • Research & Development with Local & Foreign Universities to offer innovative solutions to our Clients


NEMESIS is an Advanced Termite Baiting System a second generation system offering various termite colony elimination and total termite protection for building and home-owners. Various packages are offered to suit the client’s budget utilizing the latest in technology involving combination of advanced termite bait systems, direct baiting, injection and/or selective drilling (if required). NEMESIS’s effectiveness is guaranteed and has been proven in large scale and smaller projects.

The NEMESIS baiting system station (both inground and above ground) feature a significant internal volume which enables a maximum bait quantity to be taken by the termite colony in the shortest possible time.

This enables a more rapid colony elimination, giving you peace of mind.